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At NatWest Markets we focus on what we do best and what matters most to our customers; providing financing, risk management and trading solutions to our customers in Europe, Asia and the US. Putting purpose at our core, we aim to be the partner of choice for our NatWest customers and their financial markets needs. 

Ofertas de empleo

NatWest Markets Front Office - Internship Programme

The aim of these internships are to give you a taste of what it’s like to work at NatWest Markets, along with valuable skills and experiences that you’ll bring into your future career.
Our Front Office internship lasts 10 weeks.
We’ll reward you with a competitive salary.


NatWest Markets Risk - Internship Programme

As an intern, you’ll be assigned a home Risk team, whilst at the same time having the opportunity to gain an insight into other Risk areas during your time with us. You’ll learn a mix of practical knowledge and technical skills.

You’ll learn about our goals, our team culture, and the values underpinning them both. You’ll get involved in some exciting project work and learning about the models and practices we use for managing risk throughout our business. 


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Daniel Przeniewski, Daniel Goodman, Amit Malhotra, Isha Arora, Soumya Nanda

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20 Comentarios

  • I am very interested in the summer internships during 2021.
    I am opened to hear about the different jobs available.
    Kind regards,
    José María

  • Hello,
    I am really interested in both of the programs and I have already registered for both of them.
    I would like to know about the student profile that you are looking for in these internships.

    Thanks in advanced

    • hello Javier,

      thank you for applying for our internship roles.
      WE do not look for a specific study profile, we have people joining NatWest Markets who finished whole range of degrees and subjects.
      From bachelor to PHD, studying geography to machine learning – we are really open for all.

      We looking for people who are open minded, quick to learn, agile, asking a lot of questions, full of ideas and happy to express themselves.

    • I would encourage you to apply for both the roles Javier as I second Daniel that we have a diverse set of skills in the bank and have no specific profile we will be looking for. As an example, in my team for UK sales, we have people with various backgrounds and nationalities covering UK corporates in London

    • Hi Javier,

      Glad to hear you have registered for the programmes.

      Only a little bit to add to what Daniel and Soumya have said and really just to highlight the differences in backgrounds in the team I work in alone. I have a finance background, but my colleagues have maths, economics, geography, engineering and the list goes on… The more diversity within teams and NWM, the better the idea generation and client solutions.

    • Hi Javier,

      Great to hear you’ve registered to both programmes, good luck with your application!

      I have been in a few teams over the years, both in the Chief Operating Office and Capital Markets, and the individuals in the teams have been diverse in terms of degrees, nationalities and also in their way of thinking. Our clients are from diverse backgrounds, and therefore diversity within the Bank is always encouraged in order to drive better customer outcomes!

      The internships NWM offers are a great way to work with a range of individuals and teams and to get a deeper insight into how NWM works! As Daniel mentioned, be open-minded and ask lots of questions!

  • hello
    thank you for all your comments, my name is Daniel and I am working in NatWest Markets as a Recruiter.
    I will be available today from 1pm UK time to advise you about our proposition.

    In the meantime please have look on our FAQs around roles and application process:

  • Good afternoon All,

    By way of introduction, I am Soumya Nanda. I work as an FX sales person in UK Corporates team in NatWest Markets.

    I have been in the industry for 10 years and have worked across various sales and structuring roles.

    I welcome all of you to this virtual session of our early careers event. NatWest is a very dynamic and agile bank to work for.

    I would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our bank or the roles being offered to the best of my knowledge.

  • Hi Soumya,
    What are the key factors that differentiate a candidate? Do you hire people from different countries outside UK?

    • Hola Jose,

      We are a very purpose-led organisation as a bank and operate under our pillars of values and beliefs. In my opinion, a candidate can differentiate themselves by demonstrating that they adhere to them in addition to our regular competency evaluations.

      Yes, we do hire people from different countries outside of the UK as we run a diverse workplace.

    • hi Jose Maria,

      Soumya is correct, you can differentiate yourself by showing us your work ethic, enthusiasm, confidence when you write a cover letter, during video interview or assessment centre.

    • Hi Jose,

      Just to add a little to what Soumya and Daniel have said above – NWM is a diverse organisation hiring people from across many different countries. In DCM I work with teams globally covering clients in Europe, the US and Asia, and the people doing this come from across the globe.

      In terms of factors that differentiate candidates, I would rate enthusiasm and a desire to learn very highly.

    • Hi Jose Maria,

      Just to add to what my colleagues have said, showing eagerness to learn and asking lots of questions goes a long way in both helping you develop, and showing the hiring managers your interest in being a part of Natwest.

  • Hi all,

    By way of a quick introduction, I am Daniel Goodman. I work in Debt Capital Markets (DCM) covering financial institutions across the UK, Ireland, Australia and South Africa.

    I have worked in DCM for 8-years, 2 of which in NatWest Markets (NWM). What I can say as someone who has been in NWM for a relatively short period of time, is that it is an exciting, dynamic place to work, where you are given significant responsibility and trust from very early on in your career.

    I am keen to answer any questions you have and share my experiences within the NWM DCM team.

    • Dear Daniel,

      I am Gerard Tella. I am really interested in positions in NatWest particularly on the DCM department.

      I just applied for this department on the link provided above!

      Thank you very much

      • Hi Gerard,

        I am glad to hear this.

        DCM is a dynamic, fast passed business which can lead to client exposure and responsibility very quickly. It also offers an opportunity to mix technical market, regulatory and legal knowledge with softer, client coverage skills.

        As I mentioned in a response to one of the questions above, enthusiasm and willingness to learn are important. Being able to show any understanding of the bond market and technical specifics is also helpful but not a requirement.

  • Hello everyone,

    At 16:30 I will open a Zoom line, if you want to ask a question around recruitment process for our roles please join me:

  • Hi all,

    By way of introduction, I’m Isha Arora and I work in the Business Development & Governance Team. I’ve been in NWM for the past 5 years and held roles in Capital Markets and the Chief Operating Office (COO) during my time here.

    NWM is a dynamic, diverse and agile place to work, and I look forward to sharing my experience with you and answering any questions you may have today!

  • the line is now open:

    I will be available to answer your questions till 5pm.

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